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Photographer & Visual Storyteller

Hello, I'm Kendra Menendez. I am an artist and a photographer and visual storyteller by craft.  I'm on a mission to help others put their vision, brand, or business from their imagination and into the public view. I have a constant desire and dedication, to challenge and improve myself and my work.  My dedication also extends to my clients and how to best serve their needs.  I'm passionate about what I do, which translates into the work I put out. My ultimate goal is to deliver not only what you envisioned, but above and beyond that. 

My experience in management and business, as well as, having a deep knowledge of psychology - allows me to approach each project from a unique perspective and ask the right questions. I'm a perfectionist but can also go with the flow.  I am confident and passionate about my work - it fulfills me and allows me to express myself creatively and for the benefit of another.

I love collecting experiences and you'll almost never catch me without my camera - I love documenting stories through photography. I have a deep appreciation and respect for the natural world. I'm also trained in Reiki Level I, so you know I'm infusing all my projects with a little extra love :)

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